Vegan Chestnut latte

✨Chestnut latte ✨

🌰🌰🌰R E C I P E 🌰🌰🌰
Cut 3 or 4 organic chestnuts (I used our @chestnutcheeks whole organic chestnuts already cooked ) and put them in the oven for a few minutes to add a bit of roasted taste.
Mix them together with half a glass of hot water and 1 spoon of sugar. Keep mixing till smooth.
Chestnut cream

Serve a espresso shot in a small cup (I used @nespresso machine but you can do it with any hot coffee, just make sure to do a very short one). ☕️
Pour your steamed milk (I used a plant based one from @plenishdrinks which works very well).
Chestnut latte
Pour your coffee/milk into your chestnut sugar mixture and mix for a few seconds.
You can add some extra milk or extra whipped cream on top 🥛
Serve quite hot! The result is really great, you will taste a bit of autumn coming in you 🍂 !!
Vegan Chestnut latte