Zero waste chestnut cream Banana bread - Vegan & gluten free

zero waste banana bread

🌰🌰🌰R E C I P E 🌰🌰🌰
👉Take 3 organic bananas and keep their peels on the side.
Cut 2 of the bananas in little bits and the third one in half (to use it by the end).
Cut all your banana peels in little bits and put them in a pan, add 2 glasses of water and heat over slow heat till all the water disappear. 🍌

Banana bread

👉In a mixer: put the bits of your two first bananas, half a glass of almond milk (I used @alpro ) and either two spoons of apple compote.
Keep mixing👩‍🍳

👉Add 100g of flour (I used @dovesfarm free from one: love it as you do not have to add baking powder), 25g of almond powder (I usually make my own one but this time I used one found at @waitroseandpartners ).
Mix during a few minutes.

Zero waste banana bread

👉Add all of your banana peels into the mixture + 150g of chestnut cream (I used the classic one @chestnutcheeks). Mix. The texture should be very very smooth and the colour brown.
Add 50g dark choc in pieces

chestnut cream banana bread


👉Transfer into a cake mould and add your left bananas cutter in two on the top and on the side (just for the banana bread to look beautiful 😀).
Put in the oven at 180C for 20/22

chestnut cream cake

I hope you liked it 😍😍

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