Delicate baked chestnut mousse cake



I absolutely love this cake recipe as it is so easy to bake (that’s why I make it all the time) and its texture is unique: a soft and delicate baked cake, almost like a mousse but looking like a soft cake.

🌰🌰 R E C I P E 🌰🌰🌰🌰

1) In a food processor, mix together :

** 220g of our organic chestnut cream (the recipe is great using “The classic one”

Or “The one with vanilla” for a vanilla/spicy twist):


** 1 spoon of gluten-free chestnut flour: you can also use a gluten-free rise flour (or normal flour). The chestnut flours adds a sweet taste.

** 3 eggs: adding them one by one and mixing between each one.

** 30g of oil

2) In a large bowl whisk 3 additional egg whites with a pinch of sea salt. 

3) Add the stiffly beaten egg whites delicately to the first mixture and mix slowly for a few seconds.

4) Put it in the oven for 30mn (180°C)

You can serve it with a fruit salad.

Hope you like it ! Chocolate lovers, feel free to add a melted chocolate on it: dark chocolate would be the best.




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