Chestnut cream verrines

For breakfast this morning I tried this chestnut & biscuits verrine by Celine slim fitness.👌🏻
It takes about 10mn and the results is so creamy and quite beautiful 🌼

🌰 🌰R E C I P E 🌰🌰
Mix 200 ml of coconut milk till obtaining a whipped cream: easier just to use the « solid » part of your coconut milk preserve.
Add 200g of chestnut cream and mix slowly.
(Option to add 4 beaten white eggs and add them to the mixture).

Once your mixture is smooth enough you can set your glasses: put a first layer of biscuits crumbs (you can use spéculos or gluten free cookies). Then add a layer of your coconut mixture. Do that twice and finish with biscuits crumbs on the top :)

Put in the fridge at least for one hour.

I love the final results as those verrines look beautiful and you can easily set up a healthy beautiful breakfast or dessert.





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