Chestnut cream vegan cheesecake

 Chestnut cream Vegan cheesecake

I definitely waited too long before cooking a chestnut cream cheesecake again☺️
I shared the recipe a long time ago on our cooking blog but did not have Instagram by then:)
The recipe is gluten free and vegan but you can easily adapt with your own habits.
Basically I took the recipe of a basic non-cooked cheesecake and added chestnut cream + vanilla ✨.
🌰🌰🌰🌰 R E C I P E 🌰🌰🌰🌰 What you need (for a big cheesecake - it serves 12 people)

250g digestive biscuits (I made my own gluten free ones but you can find some in lots of organic shops)
100g sugar
100g vegan butter (I used @naturli 🌱)
600g vegan cream cheese (I used @violife_foods )
284ml of vegan cream (I used @provamel )
259g of chestnut cream (I actually used the one with vanilla which add a wonderful vanilla touch).
1. Crush the biscuits to crumbs 🍪 and add the melted butter. Make it a solid base for the cake and put into the fridge for 1 hour.

2. Mix the cream cheese with the sugar and the chestnut cream and beat it. Then add the double cream.

3. You can spoon the mix on the biscuit layer and put to fridge overnight ⏰

4. About 30 minutes before serving, bring the cake to room temperature and add some chestnuts on the top! I used our organic whole chestnuts from Ardeche 🌰.
Thank you @ Lucie from côté maison for the inspiration!

Happy moments:)



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